Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wet n' Wild

Hi! I'm Chelsea. Welcome to my blog! I'm passionate about quite a few things in life, makeup being one of them. This blog is going to be a compilation of that - some makeup reviews and tutorials, some recipes, some DIY goodies, random get the picture!

Without further adieu, I'd like to talk about some eyeshadow. I'm a self-proclaimed makeup snob - Urban Decay, Tarte, Dior, Benefit, etc. are what I mostly use. Oddly enough though, I don't have many MAC products. In fact, I just purchased my first MAC product yesterday. The closest counter is 40 minutes away from my house, and in all honesty - the women working there have always intimidated me. And I don't like to buy makeup online without seeing/trying it out first. But I plan on growing my MAC collection.

Anyway...this year, I've been focusing on finding drugstore products that are comparable to luxury brands. On this quest, I have completely fallen in love with Wet n' Wild shadows. Yes...Wet n' Wild. Remember wearing that in high school? I remember their roller ball lip glosses that everyone was obsessed with. And it seemed like the makeup brand to buy when you didn't know any better. But their eyeshadows are amazing! They feel buttery, they're insanely pigmented and they last all day. Below are the ones I currently have in my makeup collection.

                                                    335 Silent Treatment

"Silent Treatment" is a great trio for an everyday, professional eye look. The colors are labeled by their use, but you can use them any way you want. For work, I use the eyelid shade on my eyelid. It's a beautiful taupe-y shade with purple undertones. The crease shade has such great pigmentation that I only lightly tough my crease brush when I use it. It's a purple-y brown shade with silver shimmer. I don't use the brow bone shade when going to work, but it would be a great highlight.

                                                    738 Comfort Zone

I love every single shade in this palette. You only need to lightly touch your brush to any of these to get insane pigmentation. The shades are labeled brow bone, eyelid, crease and definer. The bottom right definer is such a gorgeous color; it can turn from brown to blue depending on the lighting. The top right brow bone shade is a great eyelid color, and the top left brow bone is a nice, matte all over shade. You can create countless looks with this palette, and it is good to travel with.

                                                   333 Got Good Jeans

"Got Good Jeans" is a more funky palette that creates beautiful night time looks. It looks a little intimidating, but the eyelid and crease shades blend together beautifully.

I think that everyone should have "Nutty" in their collection. It's a great all over or crease shade, and I hear it's a dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe. I don't have that shade myself so I can't say, but it's a gorgeous shade nonetheless.

Here are some swatches:
                                                    Silent Treatment

                                                    Comfort Zone (left side, browbone shade is hard to see)

                                                   Comfort Zone (right side)

                                                    Got Good Jeans


Do you own any Wet n' Wild shadows? What are your favorites?

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