Friday, September 27, 2013

Long time no see!

Like I alluded to in my last post - trying to find inspiration (or time) to write while I was finishing up grad school was darn near impossible. The good news? I'm done with classes! The program that I'm in isn't technically done since I still have six months of clinical to finish, but my days of writing papers and completing assignments are over! I couldn't be more excited!

More exciting news is that Matt and I bought a house! It's been very busy around here. We closed on August 6th, moved in two weeks later and have spent the better part of the last month painting, staining, cleaning, moving and building! We're just about done, and I'm grateful to have a dedicated room for an office. It'll be nice to have room to spread out and keep things organized.

I have some great posts planned, including a fun DIY project and my makeup/vanity setup. I recently bought a drawer specifically for my collection and I can't wait to show it! My photography is somewhat limited as I mostly use my cell phone or cheap-o digital camera. I'm planning on investing in a high-quality Canon or Nikon within the coming months. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Stay tuned!